Different Types of Acne

Knowing your enemy is the key to win. Same thing goes for acne. How would you fight something if you do not know what you are dealing with? To help you overcome your acne problem, I have outlined here the different types of acne and tips on how to manage each type.

Acne Cosmetica- This type of acne is generally caused by using makeup. Makeup products often clog your pores, thus preventing the oily substance secreted by your sebaceous glands to reach the surface of your skin. The oil produced will then harden and form a second layer of plaque inside your pores. With the acne causing bacteria, converting the oil produced by your sebaceous glands to form fatty acids, you will soon be bombarded with acne. To fight acne cosmetica, find makeup products that are not oil based. Oil based makeup can stay longer than water based makeup products but water based products are more ideal when it comes to preventing and treating acne. For more acne tips, check this out.

Acne Fulminans- Though most people believe that acne is harmless, this type of acne can actually cause systemic damage to your body. As a matter of fact, this type of acne is so serious that it can actually be fatal if not treated promptly. This type of acne is very common among individuals that often use corticosteroid injections. Corticosteroids actually makes the skin layer thin, allowing the acne bacteria to bore deeper into your fat and muscle tissues. Too much fat and muscle tissue damage can have serious effects on your kidney and can cause systemic failure. In order to fight this type of acne, it is absolutely important to consult a skin care expert as soon as possible. These skin care experts know what they are doing and can help you figure out a course of treatment that will not only help make your skin healthier but also prevent further damage to your fat and muscle tissues.

Acne Mechanica- Acne mechanica are often seen in athletes. This type of acne is usually formed due to frequent friction. To avoid this type of acne, it is absolutely important to take shower immediately after workout. This will help you flush out the oil, dirt and grime that you have accumulated during your exercise routine. Also make sure to use clean bathroom articles at all time and avoid sharing your things with others. This is especially helpful to avoid dirt and oil from sticking on your skin and covering your pores.